Division 2 svd blueprint

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Teamfight Tactics Best Celestial Build. All Build Guides Builds League. Best Path of Exile Delirium 3. The Division 2. March 14, Lists And Locations. Read more. Farming Strategies. The Division 2 Powerleveling Guide March 12, 0. There are currently around 70 different gun types in The Division 2. Picking the best and most powerful weapon in The Division 2 is going to be crucial if you plan on taking on all the content in The Division 2, as well as doing PvP and actually winning fights.

The Division 2 Best Guns, Tier List And Weapon Guide will explain all of the currently available guns in the game as well as their damage, dps and which are the most powerful guns out of the seven different weapon categories. The Division 2 Submachine guns feature round base magazines, fast reload times, solid base damage and they are full auto fire mode only. They have magazines that can store from 45 up to rounds, high recoil and long reload times.

The Double Barrel Shotgun is currently the best and most overpowered shotgun in the game, dealing a total of damage, which converts to K DPS— two and a half times more than the Super In addition to the increases to damage from Specializations, Shotguns are extremely powerful.

If you know how to aim and you can reliably headshot your enemies, Marksman Rifles are perfect for you. The Diceros is currently the best and most powerful sidearm weapon out of all the other ones that have been tested. Diceros is overall a very solid gun that will serve any close to mid ranged combat. Sidearms in the current meta are really strong and ones such as the Diceros can easily be used as a primary weapon.

Tags guide the division 2 tips tricks tutorial. Build Guides. The Green Attachments in The Division 2 are crucial aspects of the game and player builds because they can boost the stats of yourThe Division 2 Brand sets are a new feature and apply to all armour pieces that you pick up as you battle across post-apocalyptic Washington, D.

For example, you could carry six items all from different brands for a well-rounded build, or you could max out two brand sets that compliment one another for a more specialised character.

The Division 2 Weapon Guide And Gun Tier List

There are 20 Division 2 brand sets at the time of writing. Different brands excel at different brand set combos, for example, the 5. The neat thing about The Division 2 brand sets is how flexible they are, and if Ubisoft adds another brand set it could have huge ramification on the potential builds available to players.

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AMD Ryzen 7 - 8 cores, 16 threads, bargain price. Promoted How Rainbow Six Siege breached the world of esports. Giveaway: five Steam codes for F1 up for grabs! Who are the biggest female streamers?While this endgame content is certain to be welcomed by a number of fans, for some, the new loot that comes with an update is indeed the real prize. One such piece of new loot is Nemesis, an exotic sniper, and many players are certain to want to get their hands on this powerful long-range weapon as soon as possible.

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Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it is not possible to complete all the steps necessary to obtain The Division 2 's Nemesis. That said, players that want to get access to the exotic sniper as soon as possible can fulfill a number of requirements now. From there, these players must finish all World Tier 5 content and regain access to Tidal Basin.

Next, players should jump back into Tidal Basin, but now they will be able to select a difficulty level — Normal is recommended for the following steps. Once back in Tidal Basin, players should make their way to the section immediately preceding destroying the first set of defenses, where Ortega instructs the player to patch ISAC into a laptop. In this location, players will find a multi-floor building. On the top floor, there is a bedroom and a Black Tusk Keycard to be taken.

division 2 svd blueprint

With the Black Tusk Keycard in hand, players should continue through the mission until they reach the hovercraft. Once inside the hovercraft bay, players will find a door that can be unlocked using the newly acquired Keycard.

Beyond this door is a weapon crate containing the Adrestia SR1, a high-end weapon that should be deconstructed in order to obtain the first Nemesis component: Marksman Rifle: Scope - The Tally. Next up is playing through the invaded Capitol Building stronghold — this does not need to be done on hard mode.

However, this is where the quest for Nemesis currently comes to an end, as the next two steps require eliminating bosses, Shorty and Klutz, in the invaded Roosevelt Island stronghold and invaded District Union Arena stronghold respectively.

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These two invaded strongholds are not currently available in the weekly rotation and are thus inaccessible. However, when these two invaded strongholds do enter the weekly rotation, players should simply complete them to eliminate the bosses and obtain the Marksman Rifle: Bolt and Stock.

division 2 svd blueprint

Indeed, there is much to be done to maximize Gear Score prior to the release of the raid later this month. William Parks is an editor at Game Rant with a background in visual arts. Now, William enjoys playing Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch with his daughter and finding time to sneak in the newest From Software game when possible.

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division 2 svd blueprint

Check out this Tom Clancy's The Division 2 guide and list on all available weapon mod and attachment types in the game. Including stats, effects, compatible weapons and more. C Ubisoft Entertainment.

The Division 2 Weapon Mods List And Locations

All Rights Reserved. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. This list doesn't include all of the mods. It is merely the ones gained through perks and side missions.

There are a lot more that are gathered randomly in WT4 from farming level 3 control points. I have yet to find a comprehensive list of every mod. Tweet Share. Muzzle Attributes Compatible Weapon Compensator 5. Have some feedback? Click here Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Reader Comments. Alias Optional Max. Will this be edited? Missing weapons and Mods. Are you joking? This is maybe half of all mods :D.

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Read on.It is powered by the same "Snowdrop" engine from first game. The game's setting is 7 months after the initial Green Poison outbreak. The virus has largely burnt itself out and is no longer the threat it used to be in the previous game, however the bigger threat are the people continuing to take advantage of the chaos.

The player controls an agent of the Strategic Homeland Division or simply known as "The Division"a top secret government sleeper cell that is "activated" personally by the President to ensure the continuity of government in the face of a catastrophic national crisis, and a answers a distress call asking for agents to be rally to Washington D.

C due to the collapse of the SHD network. After arriving at the United States' capital, the player must secure the White House which has become the JTF's last stronghold in the regionassist the civilian settlements in the city, re-establish the SHD network to restore the Division to full functionality across America, and retake D.

C from the various factions vying for control, power, or simply taking advantage of the chaos.

The Division 2 weapons/guns - damage stats, The Division 2 best weapons, Exotic weapons list

The Hyenas, a collection of gangs and anarchists out to steal any valuable resources they can and destroy the rest for their amusement. The Outcasts, survivors of the Roosevelt Island quarantine out to exact vegeance for their supposed abuse, neglect, and maltreatment by the JTF.

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The Black Tusks, a mysterious and cutting-edge Private Military Corporation, who is secretly furthering the unrest in DC for their own agendas by supplying other factions with weapons, taking territory, and antagonizing the JTF.

The Hunters, a secretive group of highly-advanced military operatives specifically hunting Division agents with extreme prejudice, introduced in the first game. The last are fellow Division agents, who may go rogue on each other in the "Dark Zones" for their own gain, due to the lack of surveillance in the area. As of the new "Warlords of New York" expansion, the Cleaners and Rikers from the first game have returned with a vengeance, along with Aaron Keener and his posse of elite rogue Division agents.

As of the moment, revolver-style handguns are affected by a bug, where if the gun has a skill that increases magazine capacity, it will result in an additional round being loaded in the cylinder, giving it a 7-round capacity. The Beretta M9 is the starting sidearm in the game. It appears under the name "Military M9". The weapon is commonly used by civilian militia. It is also briefly used by General Ridgeway to execute an "insubordinate" doctor, in a cinematic. Unlike it's previous incarnation, the weapon is able to accept a slide-mounted reflex sight, a laser sight, along with an extended magazine.

It also has wooden grips installed, rather than the black polymer grip that originally comes with a military-issue M9A1. The weapon is used by True Sons heavy gunners, who will switch to it if their ammo boxes are destroyed.They are divided up into 6 categories, including the new Rifles category found only in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Players have access to 3 weapons; 2 primaries and a secondary sidearm. This time around, your grenades will be connected to your specialization, which aren't unlocked until level During levelthe Concussion grenade, will be the only one available to you.

Whenever you switch specialization, you will also switch grenade type. This means that you will never have, for example, a Flashbang and an Incendiary grenade at the same time.

The Division 2 Blueprints Vendor Location

However, the Concussion grenade will always be available, no matter what specialization you use. This makes sure that the grenades can be powerful and useful, without being such a large part of your arsenal, thereby invalidating a lot of other sources of damage. It also means that you will have a much clearer idea of the capabilities of each player in PVP and PVE, depending on how they've chosen their specialization.

Not only will it help when facing enemies, it will also add more depth to the assembly of your own squad. Based on what activity you will be engaging with, be it raids, missions, or PVP — different grenade types might be more viable than others. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

A view of Heather Ward's weapons in The Division 2. Categories :. Cancel Save. Assault Rifles. Marksman Rifles. Light Machine Guns. Submachine Guns.Veteran agents of The Division should find themselves in largely familiar territory for the sequel, as it keeps faith very closely with the original, exploration-heavy, shared-world loot and shoot adventure that initially drew players into its dreary post-apocalyptic backdrop.

While this is demonstrated pretty well across the entire board, nowhere is this more evident than in terms of weapon selection and gunplay, and mowing down hostiles with them has never felt more impactful and rewarding. The improvements made to the gunplay and handling definitely feel awesome when you've got a great weapon to experience them with, but setting out with one that isn't quite up to par can produce the exact opposite effect.

So to help make sure you're getting the most out of your romp through the ruins of Washington D. C, we've put together a list of the best and worst weapons to take with you. We're working with just the raw, normalized weapon statistics here, so remember that you can definitely change your mileage depending on your build, modifications, weapon talents, and whether or not you're playing in PVP.

Anyway, let's get started. Sometimes you just want a shotgun that does exactly what a shotgun is supposed to do. It feels natural, it is effective, and it's really difficult to use incorrectly.

If you like shotguns, then you need to give this one a try. Boasting high RPM and one of the higher DPS ratings among shotguns, it may lack the solid, per-shot stopping power of quite a few of its brethren, but it kicks out shells fast enough to end up a lot more useful than most of them. Just mind the lengthy reload times. This makes it a pretty common choice, especially for PVP outings.

While it stays pretty accurate in most circumstances, the damage drop-off for this particular assault rifle keeps it relegated to a bit inside of mid-range fighting. But this makes it perfect for the frenetic, run-and-gun gameplay where most players will end up finding their comfort zone while still retaining enough punch to lend a little extra reach to that style. Sometimes, the low tech, straightforward solutions tend to get overlooked for the shinier, more modernized aesthetics of other options.

That can be a pretty grave mistake, especially when it comes to picking out your favorite shotgun. The accuracy is abysmal, and you're going to find yourself reloading more often than you find yourself doing anything else. But these drawbacks pay off in absolutely tremendous amounts of stopping power, and they're well worth the trade-off once you're comfortable with the play style that this unassuming and humble classic shotgun requires of you.

division 2 svd blueprint

Sure, it's definitely a classic. But unfortunately, it doesn't really hold up to the plethora of other, better assault rifle choices that you could make here. First, it's a burst fire weapon, and for some reason, they never seem to go over well when it comes to The Division. The recoil is a bit strong, especially for a burst fire weapon, so it can be difficult to get the entire cycle to land on target.

This can be compensated fairly well if you stack on the stability, but at that point, you need to confront the relatively poor DPS rating.

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